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New USB Devices Continue to Arrive

Those small rectangular ports on newer model PCs, Macs and even notebooks are making life a lot easier when it comes to connecting everything from scanners to Zip drives and video cameras. There are even CD recordable drives that plug easily into the universal serial bus port. One of the first models out is from Philips ....where Bill Taylor says...consumers are catching on fast...

"Just as recent as a few years ago, this has been very complex to create your own CDs, but we have included software that has been developed that allows us to make these...very easy to create your own CDs. So now you can do data back-ups from your computer or I can drag and drop and copy...make back-up copies of my other CDs."

More on the growth of CD recording in a future segment. When it comes to USB, no one is doing more, it seems than Belkin Components. It has come out with USB video capture, USB networking, keyboards and USB hubs that include serial and parallel ports too. Belkin's Keith Renty...

"What I like to tell people is that finally USB has moved beyond the embryonic stage and is now a burgeoning adolescent."
An adolescent that actually gives you fewer headaches.

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