New radar system helps pilots avoid turbulence

(CBS News) New airplane radar technology could soon ease the concerns of turbulence-fearing fliers. The system, known as IntuVue 3-D radar, is made by Honeywell. It allows pilots to spot turbulence and weather patterns from nearly 70 miles away and could help flight teams steer clear of storms more easily.

Thursday, Captain Chesley Sullenberger, CBS News Aviation and Safety Expert, joined "CBS This Morning," to explain how the system works and how it could change the in-flight experience.

"It makes the pilot's job much easier and more intuitive," Sullenberger explained. "These new technologies look ahead to automatically create a 3-D picture of the weather ahead. It doesn't require as much individual pilot skill...this is sort of an equalizer," he added.

(See Sullenberger's full comments in the video player above.)