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Negative on Netflix? 5 alternatives

Not a happy camper CBS/AP

The above description fits most manner of events these days, but this particular tale of two cities played out in connection to Netflix's Tuesday surprise announcement of price changes. On Wednesday, shares of Netflix surged even as the news left many subscribers fuming - so much so that they flooded the company's Facebook page where more than 34,000 commenters slammed Netflix for what they said was an unfair price hike.

Netflix's move separated the service's unlimited streaming plan from its DVD plan, killing off a popular hybrid offering which allowed subscribers to sign up for access to DVDs and Internet streaming. Netflix says its hand was forced because subscribers continue to order DVDs at a high rate, a phenomenon that the company said that it didn't anticipate.

But if the move has left you negative on Netflix, you're not without options. Alternatives exist, though each has its own pluses and minuses. Let us know in the talkback section which ones you prefer - or if there are any that we've left out.

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