My 10 Aspirations for 2010

Look, I really don't think New Year's resolutions work. I mean, if you wanted to change, you'd do it, right? Does making it a resolution really help? Of course not! I mean, how many resolutions have you actually lived up to?

For me, it's a big fat donut. So why do I publish my aspirations every year? I don't know, I guess I'm an eternal optimist -- who needed something to post.

Why should you care? Honestly, I have no idea. You probably care about my aspirations about as much as I believe they'll amount to anything. Still, I took the time to write it; the least you can do is read it and comment about how mind-numbingly ridiculous it was.
My 10 aspirations for 2010

  1. Try to be slightly more objective
  2. Act like an adult once in a while
  3. Spend more time with my wife than my dog
  4. Spend more time with my wife than my blog
  5. Blog about stuff my readers actually care about
  6. Find a way to make more money without having to do anything
  7. Admit to shortcomings, should any arise
  8. Reduce the size of my ego by 10 percent
  9. Cut the satire just a bit
  10. Try to be less annoying and whiny
So, how do you feel about the two minutes of your life you'll never get back, you know, reading this nonsense? Come on; tell the truth. You won't hurt my feelings. Of course, you can share some of your own resolutions. But just so you know; nobody cares. Really. They don't, least of all me. Either way, Have a Happy New Year! Oh, and don't forget to hit the recommend button. Thanks.