Moving Forward On Cliches | BTalk

Last Updated Sep 20, 2010 9:19 PM EDT


Mark McCrindle

(Episode 580; 10 minutes 49) Is there anything worse than a well worn cliché? McCrindle Research surveyed consumers about their attitudes towards them. Surprisingly, 7 percent of us admit to liking using them, but a whopping 44.7 percent find clichés particularly annoying.

In today's BTalk, Mark McCrindle suggests we need to ensure that when we talk we keep things transparent and open. I'm not sure whether he was joking or whether this was another cliché sneaking in. It shows how easily it can be done.

Mark says the damage of clichés is that it just becomes clutter in our language. If you use them a lot you will probably find people pay less attention to anything you have to say. So perhaps today is a good day to start speaking plain English again. The ball is in your court!