Motivation: The Gurus Speak!

Last Updated Nov 20, 2007 8:40 AM EST

I've been talking about motivation lately, with some really positive results in my own life and hopefully elsewhere too. To round out the discussion, I thought I'd add some "quick hits" -- short suggestions about motivation lifted from the conversations I've had with various motivation gurus, including Jeff Keller, Omar Periu, and Tony Robbins:
    i>Always act with a purpose -- your purpose.
  • Take responsibility for your own results.
  • Stretch yourself past your limits on a daily basis.
  • Don't wait for perfection, just do it now!
  • Be careful of what you eat; it takes energy to succeed.
  • Hang around people who are as motivated as yourself.
  • Don't live a life of quiet desperation. Take action! Now!
  • When you learn from failure, it's not really failure.
  • Don't get complacent because you're successful today.
  • Always say "I must" rather than "I'll try" when seeing goals.
  • Don't avoid a decision; that's always a decision to fail.
  • Keep quiet if you can't say something positive.
  • Respond to "How are you?" with "Terrific!" not "Hangin' in there."
  • Don't spout negative talk; it programs you for negative results.
  • Stop complaining about that over which you have no control.
  • Stop griping about your personal problems and illnesses.
  • Expunge negative, de-motivating words in your speech.
  • Focus on purpose and goals, not obstacles and problems.
  • Start each day with at least 15 minutes of positive input.
  • Reduce your exposure to depressing news media.
Anyone else have some pithy words of wisdom?