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Most Managers Failing Their Duty During Crisis

I never would have believed the bold statement in the headline above -- that is, until I read John Baldoni's provocative blog post, What It Takes to Lead Now.

Now I'm convinced, as is Baldoni, that coming through the economic meltdown most managers saw their job much too narrowly. Instead of leading their people and organizations through a time of great change, managers put more emphasis on simply getting things done. If true, that's a sad commentary about where our companies and "leaders" are heading.

According to a McKinsey and Company survey of executives, only 48% believed that they need to inspire and only 46% believed it was their responsibility to provide direction during this crisis. (BTW, McKinsey doesn't put the same spin on these results.)

The problem, says Baldoni, is that execution without adequate leadership is short-sighted.

"It will carry a company through a quarter or a year, but it will not provide a foundation for what organizations really need to do, and that is to grow. Leadership requires foresight as well as the ability to execute. Foresight points you in the right direction so that your execution can serve customer needs now and lay the foundation for continued service."
As a manager, do you consider inspiration and direction as key components of your job?

(Leader image by lumaxart, CC 2.0)

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