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The History Of The Bosnian Conflict

The conflict in Bosnia killed 200,000 people and uprooted millions from their homes. With the signing of the Dayton Accords, the country is trying to put the strife behind it. But the memory of bloodshed will stay with those who experienced it.

The Web has a great deal of information on the country and the war that ravaged it. We gathered a few of the most useful and comprehensive sites below:

Created by Human Rights Watch, this site has a report specifically on Srebenica .

Human Rights Watch also has a page that lists all of its Bosnia-related reports.

Massacre in Srebenica : This site tells the story of the genocide.

War Criminal Watch: Created to publicize war-crime suspects who remain at large, this site covers not only Balkan atrocities, but Rwandan ones as well. There is a long list of suspects who have not been captured, and a wealth of background information, including copies of the indictments. In the Whereabouts section, one can find the addresses of many of the suspects, which gives one the disturbing sense that not much is being done to actually capture these people.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia: This body, which is part of the United Nations, is in charge of prosecuting war criminals in the former Yugoslavia. If you're willing to wade through some legalistic language, there is a lot here, including details on every ongoing or completed trial.

The Bosnia Homepage: This site has an enormous amount of information about the Bosnian Conflict: war criminals, phots, history, and links to many other sites.

Shame Of Srebenica

Written By David Kohn