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'Monica' Author: Not Just Sex

The last time Andrew Morton visited CBS This Morning, he was promoting Diana: Her True Story, the controversial book he wrote with the cooperation of the late Princess Diana.

When he returned Monday, it was to promote Monica: Her Story, a book he wrote with the cooperation of Monica Lewinsky.

And, he told Co-Anchor Jane Robelot, they are "two very different tales, two very different women. Two extraordinary women."

In the book, he observes that Lewinsky thought of her affair with President Clinton as a "regular relationship." Robelot asked Morton if Lewinsky eventually understood that this was not just some other guy.

"Well, this is the whole point about her, that sheÂ…just started to see him as a regular guy," says Morton. "The whole thing of showing him her thong, the head of state, your thong underwear, the whole flirtation with it. We wouldn't be sitting here talking about it today if she wasn't this extravagant personality without any kind of stop on her emotional accelerator, if you will."

The relationship between Lewinsky and President Clinton, says Morton, was not only sexual, but also had a large emotional element. "They seemed to connect at some other level," explains the author.

"[They had] screaming matches on the phone," he says. "She'd call him 'butthead' and all kinds of things. He'd say, 'I've never been treated so badly in my life'. He kept going back for more. It was a mutual obsession. It wasn't a one-way street. This is a relationship that lasted two years."

In Morton's view, the most surprising part of the story is the fact that the president participated so fully in the relationship.

"He's a grown-up. He's the most powerful person in the world, and he's twice her age," says Morton. "Any other chief executive officer of any other company would probably have shown her the door, thrown her out. But he didn't. And they had this relationship."

Summing up the connection between Lewinsky and the president, Morton says, "There was this initial intense sexual chemistry between them which developed into an emotional and a spiritual bond where he would talk about his childhood, talk aboutÂ…his marriage, talk about all kinds of things, everything, about his mother and so on."