Money Can't Buy Optimism

So how bad is it going to get?

Some of the smart guys say we're starting to edge out into uncharted economic territory.

You've even heard some world leaders say words like global depression. It is incredible to think about: these United States and our once insatiable appetite for stuff.

That stuff kept faraway factories in China churning out products 24 hours a day. Factories which employed workers, who migrated across thousands of miles to find jobs, are closing.

Yes, the economy is global, and the fact that you have a foreclosed house on your block does have an effect on the other side of the world.

This economic downturn has many of us scared out of our wits. We've stopped spending because we don't know if we'll have jobs tomorrow.

We have literally begun to fear, fear itself. The government is pouring billions into the economy but, money does not buy optimism.
By Harry Smith