Monday Meltdown Roundup: BNET Bloggers on the Crisis

Last Updated Oct 13, 2008 7:01 PM EDT

bull_bear.JPGWith the Dow "enjoying" its largest single-day gain ever, is it time to give a sigh of relief, or is it time to take a deep breath and hope? BNET Industry analysts and Insight bloggers look at the facts and weigh in.

The latest from BNET Financial Services -- BNET Financial Services analyst, Bob Reed (who was featured on the public radio business program, Marketplace, recently), talks about Hank Paulson's shotgun wedding of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Morgan Stanley, and what Neel Kashkari, interim assistant secretary for financial stability, reveals about the $700 billion bailout deal (hint: not much).

Foreign financial firms bargain shopping -- BNET's Peter Galuszka shows that several foreign firms, including the above mentioned Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, plus Nomura Holdings, BNP Paribas, Societe General, and Russia's oligarchic Onexim Group, appear to be headed to Wall Street for a little bottom feeding.
Now's the time to back your flack -- With all the financial and political news dominating the headlines, there's a school of thought that marketers should consider delaying announcements until a better time. BNET's PR blogger, Jon Greer, however, says that there is be no better time than now.

Beware invisible financial time bombs -- John McCain may want Christopher Cox's head on a platter-- and he may have good reason to want it. Last week Cox opened a panel discussion on improving SEC disclosure requirements, explains Peter Galuszka from his Corner Office, during which he warned of hidden financial time bombs waiting to explode. Now he tells us.

Which of your sales people should get the axe first? -- You're probably going to have to make some tough choices about who to cut, and soon, if things keep going the way they're going. Sales Machine's Geoffrey James helps you chose who on your sales team should get it first.
How to start a company in a bear market -- What's the advice of Sequoia Capital big shots Michael Moritz, Doug Leone, Eric Upin and Michael Partner for creating a successful startup in a downturn? "Get profitable, no matter what it takes, and get ready to ride out a very long storm," reports Big Think's Michael Fitzgerald.
Downturn schmownturn: CFOs say it's going to be a good year -- According to the report, "Senior Finance Executives on the Current Financial Turmoil," conducted jointly by CFO Research and Towers Perrin, many CFOs predict strong results for the year. BNET1's Jessica Stillman reads the report so you don't have to.