MJ Mom Likened To Rose Kennedy, Mrs. King

Michael Jackson, center, leaves the Santa Barbara County Courthouse clutching his mother Katherine Jackson's arm and a tissue after a jury acquitted him on all counts in his child molestation trial Monday, June 13, 2005 in Santa Maria, Calif.
While the media have been focusing on the investigation of Michael Jackson's death and what will become of his estate and his kids, the Jackson family has been quietly doing the best it can, behind closed doors.

And the attorney for Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, offered a glimpse into their world in an exclusive interview Thursday with "Early Show" features reporter and weather anchor Dave Price.

L. Londell McMillan also revealed that an agreement has been reached for Katherine to get custody of Jackson's three children, with the biological mother of two of them, Debbie Rowe, getting visitation rights, but no money to give up her parental rights.

"We will go to the courts," McMillan told Price, "and we'll be united, and this will not be about money."

How is Katherine doing?

"Mrs. Jackson, she's doing fine -- she is still grieving, but she's a strong woman," McMillan replied. "She's trying to stay as strong as she can for her grandchildren, all of them, especially Michael's children, who are going through a major ordeal right now."

Are the kids aware of what's going on around them?

"They certainly are aware that it's a big deal and that their daddy has passed," McMillan responded. "They read the news on the Web and the reports. I've really tried to push the media to be responsible in how they try to handle this matter, because there are three precious children involved."

As for all the media attention, "Mrs. Jackson is coping by continuing the business of love and serving as that rock for the family," McMillan said. "She's the Rose Kennedy, the Coretta Scott King of the world's entertainment business, really. And she's coping by continuing to give love, and that's all she's ever done. Mrs. Jackson is gonna keep going strong and, with the love and support of her family, she'll be fine."

McMillan added that her biggest concern right now is that those who might have contributed her son's downward spiral may now be trying to profit after his death.

Another unresolved issue is where Michael will be buried. But all McMillan would tell Price was, "Those are very personal family decisions. I think the world wants to see Michael rest in peace."

As for what killed Michael, the coroner's autopsy report is due out next week, though the Jacksons had their own postmortem done. "The family has some results and I'm not prepared to have that conversation," McMillan said.

Asked if Katherine thinks Michael's personal physician when he died, Dr. Conrad Murray, the apparent main target of the ongoing police probe, should be charged in Michael Jackson's death, McMillan would only say, "It's too early to tell. Certainly, the family is grieving. I think the facts will speak for themselves."

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