Millennials to Managers: Hands Off My Gadgets

  • Millennials to Managers: Hands Off My GadgetsThe Find: Millennial employees (aged 14 to 27) are increasingly willing to choose their place of employment based on how much freedom they are given to select their own technology and mobile devices.
  • The Source: A recent study by consultancy Accenture.
The Takeaway: Your IT department may have specific ideas about what technology employees should use and how they should use it, but so do your millennial workers says recent research from Accenture - and these two sets of ideas may be far from compatible. Accenture spoke to 400 Millennials about their views of companies' tech policies and found a lot of strong opinions:
  • More than half (60 percent) of Millennials are either unaware of their companies' information technology (IT) policies or are not inclined to follow them.
  • In nearly every category of workplace technology, more than 20 percent of the respondents stated that employer-provided technologies did not meet expectations, while one-third of Millennials said they expect not only to use the computer of their choice, but also to access the technology applications of their choice.
  • Three-quarters of Millennials regularly download non-standard technology such as online collaborative tools (75 percent) and online applications (71 percent) when those technologies were not available at work or not meeting their expectation.
  • More than half (52 percent) of all Millennials surveyed said that state-of-the-art technology is an important consideration in selecting an employer.
The message to managers is pretty clear: no matter what the stodgy old guys in IT say, you should consider carefully before you decide to keep a tight reign on technology in the office. Doing so may cost you young, tech savvy recruits.

The Question: How strictly should managers control what technology is used by their teams?

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