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Mideast Peace Summit Schedule

Following is Thursday's schedule for the launching of the U.S.-sponsored Mideast peace summit between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat:

  • President Clinton meets with Netanyahu and Arafat at 10 a.m. EDT in the White House. The session is to last at least one hour.
  • Mr. Clinton makes a statement afterward in the Rose Garden.
  • Netanyahu and Arafat, joined by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, travel to the Wye River Conference Centers on the Eastern Shore for the start of negotiations.
  • President Clinton flies to Wye at about 3 p.m. to convene the first plenary session of the negotiations.
  • Mr. Clinton meets separately with Netanyahu and Arafat.
  • The three leaders dine together, and President Clinton returns to the White House, leaving Netanyahu and Arafat at Wye.

President Clinton is not scheduled to return to Wye for the talks, which are expected to continue Friday and may last through the weekend, but Mr. Clinton has said he will go if it would help produce a deal.
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