Merck CEO Clark Subject of "Wanted" Poster Over Price of HIV Drugs

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which claims to be the U.S.'s largest provider of HIV medicine, has published a "Wanted" poster featuring Merck CEO Richard Clark to protest the "criminal" high price of Isentress.

The drug was approved in 2007 but more recently was approved for first-line use against AIDS. It costs nearly $13,000 a year to use, more than any other AIDS drug, the AHF claims:

Recently approved by the FDA as a first-line treatment, Isentress is up to three times more expensive than other first-line treatments--as much as $12,864 per patient per year. This criminal pricing threatens to limit the ability of Medicaid and AIDS Drug Assistance programs nationwide to provide crucial lifesaving drugs to its patients.
AHF has a knack for publicity. A few years ago it said it would sue Pfizer for promoting Viagra for recreational use (which increases the spread of HIV, AHF claims) and banned Pfizer's drug reps from its clinics.
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