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Men's Alliance Shaken

In tonight's "Survivor," the all-male alliance appears to crumble, and a contestant in danger of being voted off the island wins a challenge, buying more time in the game, the producers say. Another gets in hot water for a lack of work ethic.

"Survivor" pundit Greg Feltes predicts that if the male-dominated Lopevi team loses, John will probably get thrown off the island because of the distrust surrounding him. If Yasur loses, Feltes thinks Eliza will get the boot before the physically more capable Rory, the solitary male member of the Yasur tribe.

Some 19.2 million viewers tuned into "Survivor" last week to watch Rory carve a niche among his female tribemates.

Rory never missed an opportunity to play up his strength and his work ethic, hoping to impress his value upon the tribe and save himself should Yasur face tribal council.

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Rory's efforts paid off in the last episode. When it came time to cast the ballots, the Yasur women broke their gender alliance and sent real estate agent Lisa Keiffer home.

Sarge is currently in the best position to win, according to Feltes.

The loser of tonight's episode will be interviewed Friday on The Early Show.

Unaired insider video and a "Survivor" fantasy league are featured on the official "Survivor" Web site.
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