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Men outspend women online (on things that aren't real)

Men outspend women online (on things that aren't real)

(CBS) - As it turns out, men love to shop, too, says a MocoSpace survey. The Boston-based company found that out of 1,500 social gamers on their mobile entertainment platform, men outspend women by 9 to 1.

What are they buying? 

While women are generally more fashion-obsessed than their male counterparts, scouring sites like Gilt Groupe and ShopStyle, men are buying more virtual goods. Out of those surveyed, 69 percent of males buy them, while only 31 percent of females do. And of those male gamers, 90 percent of virtual goods were purchased online.

So men shop - but they like to buy stuff that's not real. So while women are out there buying things in the real world - shoes to put on their feet, handbags to carry all their stuff around, dresses to wear to work - men are spending on fake produce and weapons to use in cyberspace.

The survey also found that men spend slightly more time playing games (about 21 minutes a day), while  women spend only 19 minutes.

Perhaps men simply like being awesome in the fantasy worlds of Street Wars and Happy Farm; whereas, women like to keep it real and look good in public? Hmmm.

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