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Men like minivans and hybrids as much as women do

The stereotype that men lust after sleek, fast sports cars while women want practical family vehicles is only partly true, according to a new study. Men are indeed far more likely to buy a Maserati or a Porsche, but both genders like minivans and hybrids equally, according to a new study by auto information website iSeeCars.

Shoppers looking for a minivan or hybrid are equally likely to be men as women, says Phong Ly, cofounder and CEO of the web site, which aggregates used car listings and flags which vehicles are good deals based on comparable market value.

Other patterns in the used car data stuck closer to expectations. "Men like fast, flashy cars. They are performance oriented, even if they have to shell out more money," Ly told MoneyWatch in an interview.

"Women are looking for the best value," he said. The study showed women twice as likely as men to shop for Kia models and 67 percent more likely to shop for a Hyundai -- Korean brands that have made lower prices their calling card.

The iSeeCars website gets data directly from dealerships as well as some other online shopping services such as Autobytel and eBay Motors. Its analysts determine gender by first names, excluding gender-neutral names like Jamie.

Other notable findings:

  • While women are more likely to shop for the two Korean brands, both sexes shop equally for German brands. Men are 7 percent more likely than women to buy American.
  •  While men and women shop equally for gas-electric hybrids, men are 2.5 times as likely to shop for diesel vehicles and twice as likely to look at all-electric cars.
  •  Men are more likely to shop for luxury cars that cost more than $45,000. Cadillac is one of the brands that men consider twice as often.
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