Megan Ellison: Hollywood bigshot wields power but enjoys privacy

Megan Ellison

(CBS News) The 85th Academy Awards show is set for Sunday night, and for the past 20 years, the biggest post-Oscar bash is the one thrown by Vanity Fair magazine, but some of the stars there might not be celebrating if it weren't for a 27-year-old woman you've probably never heard of, and she likes it that way.

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In "Vanity Fair's Hollywood," a special airing Saturday night, CBS News introduces the world to Megan Ellison. She is touted as the one responsible for making "Zero Dark Thirty" possible yet does not give interviews and fiercely guards her privacy.

It only took one lunch meeting for the film's director, Kathryn Bigelow, to know this was the person she wanted to finance what she knew would be the story of a lifetime

"I immediately felt comfortable with her and safe. It was a very auspicious meeting," said Bigelow. "We really hit it off, and it was very kind of- I don't know, you just had this sense that something profound was going to come of it."

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Ellison wrote a check for $45 million to cover the entire budget of the film.

A close friend of Ellison, Jason Clarke has starred in two of her films.

"She's financing some of the best, most fascinating, interesting directors that I think are around at the moment," he said. "She has a very strong confidence about who she is and who she works with. That keeps her grounded."