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Meet Team Starr

Ken Starr's investigation of President Clinton has benefited from the experience of a score of lawyers, some of whom are considered among the toughest prosecutors in the nation.

Chief among Starr's deputies is Jackie Bennett Jr. Bennett, reports CBS News Correspondent Phil Jones, has two big trophies: the conviction of former Minnesota Senator David Durenberger and Texas Congressman Albert Bustamante. At over six feet tall, the former college football player is said to be quite an imposing figure for those caught in his courtroom crosshairs.

Other top players on Starr's team include Bruce Udolf, who took down more than a dozen judges, mayors and police officers for corruption while serving as a U.S. Attorney in Miami.

Michael Emmick was the lawyer that told Monica Lewinsky she had been nailed by an FBI-Independent Counsel sting operation. He was once attacked by a judge for being callous, coercive and vindictive in tactics to force a woman to testify against her husband.

Other stars on Starr's team include Robert Bittman, son of the prosecutor that convicted Jimmy Hoffa; Hickman Ewing, a Vietnam vet who watched his own father take a fall for corruption; and Sol Wisenberg, a new staffer specializing in white collar crime.

In addition to the big guns, Starr's team has several young lawyers on the payroll. Some of them have been on hand since Starr took the reigns of the Whitewater investigation, and others have come aboard more recently.

In all, more than three dozen lawyers have worked for Starr since he assumed control of the investigation four years ago.

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