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Medicine That Grows On Trees

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Money may not grow on trees, but some of the world's most important medicines do.

Many plants in the rainforest contain natural medicines, and some of them can save your life.

Scientists like Paul Cox try to learn what plants can help what diseases. One
way to do that is by talking to native healers who have many years of experience with natural cures.

"Where you and I see an attractive plant, she sees medicine," Cox says of one healer.

That's the way many of the world's most valuable drugs got their start. Some experts think 300 new drugs could be found in the world's rainforests.

But, millions of acres of those forests are being destroyed every year. So scientists are racing to find cures, before they're lost forever.

From 'In The News' with CBS News Correspondent Dan Raviv. ©1998, CBS Worldwide Inc., All Rights Reserved

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