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Media Jobs: Tweet Me on Facebook...

Newspaper jobs may be drying up, but there are still opportunities for media professionals who want to work in communications, marketing, social media or for a burgeoning array of web sites.

In fact, new titles are emerging for those who can embrace the changing media landscape, said Michael Werch, spokesman for the online job search site For instance, there's demand for people who understand the vagaries of Search Engine Optimization and for those who know how to capitalize on Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you have the interest and skills to create applications for mobile devices -- smart phones and iPads, for instance-- there are also jobs waiting for you.

The bad news is that while media and newspaper help wanted advertisements have risen some 82% in the past year, this is still the second-most moribund job market in America, according to Indeed. Only real estate looks more dismal. And traditional newspaper jobs are rare.

Here are some leads to help find what's out there:

SEO/SEM jobs:

Social Media:"social+media"

Social media manager:

Community manager:

Mobile apps:

Mobile app developer:

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