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The challenges facing the remaining members of the Kucha and Ogakor tribes will get tougher for some and a little harder to swallow for others on Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Original Survivor cast member Dr. Sean Kenniff, known as the "alphabetical voter" on the original show that first aired last summer, sat down with CBS' The Early Show Co-Anchor Jane Clayson to talk about the new group of contestants. He made some comparisons between the two shows, and he made some predictions.

Asked whether he thought the challenges for the new show were a little tougher, Kenniff replied that wthat he didn't think jumping off a cliff - a challenge facing the new survivors - was that risky, he did agree that the bar had been raised.

Shown footage of the new castaways eating cow brains, grasshoppers and larvae, Kenniff allowed that he wouldn't have eaten the brains - "too brutal" and fraught with Mad Cow disease dangers. But he did say, "a bug is a bug. We did eat three worms." He continued, "I don't care how big it is. It's disgusting either way."

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He went on to say, "This show is entirely different. They are a lot more telegenic - no offense to my tribe."

Kenniff admitted that new program was sexier: That's one thing that was lacking from the original. It lacked a little bit of sex appeal, except for the obvious Richard factor. I think it's probably a good thing."

When asked if there was a "Richard" in the bunch, he said, "I think it's Michael. Same exact age. They look alike. He's very much thinner, in better shape. He's got great abs." He went on to compare him to a certain king. "It's Richard with abs. King Richard II, I think. Already maneuvering himself in a power position."

Clayson put him on the spot. "You think he's going to take it - go on the record?"

Kenniff replied, "I don't think he's going to win. I think ick is going to win."

He explained that Nick was athletically built and has the "mental ability and the political savvy to make it for a long distance in the whole contest. I think he's got what it takes."

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He also compared Elizabeth to riginal contestant Colleen, saying, "She's adorable. Colleen had that same cuteness about her."

Clayson wanted to know whether he thought there was a new "Rudy" in the group. Kenniff laughed and said that Debb "had some Rudy characteristics," but that she had already been voted off.

He went on to make another comparison. "Marilyn is like Rudy with the extra "x" chromosome." But, he predicted, "She's going to be an early casualty. I don't think she can contribute" athletically. "If her tribe loses, I think it will be in the tribe's best interest to get rid of her."

Brutal and honest. Spoken like a true survivor.

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