Martina McBride Does It "Anyway"

Martina McBride and Hannah Storm
CBS/The Early Show
Country superstar Martina McBride is known for her beautiful songs and inspirational lyrics. Appearing on The Early Show in honor of the "Fashion Rocks" concert, she sang several of her new hits - including "Anyway," which proclaims "God is great, and sometimes life ain't good" and urges the listener to keep going and "do it anyway."

"I'm a big fan of, you know, lyrics," she told Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. "I think I pay more attention to that than the melody, mostly. That's the great thing about music - it is powerful and it can do all kinds of things. It can make you feel good. It can heal. It can change your life. "

McBride also embraces the more superficial aspects of life and, with Fashion Week going on in New York, admitted that she's a shoe junkie.

"It's so exciting. I love fashion. To be here in New York for Fashion Week is so exciting," she said. "All the other artists that are going to be on the show, I just can't wait to see the show."

Next on the agenda for the four-time CMA Female Vocalist of the Year is a Christmas album that's scheduled to be out Oct. 2. McBride has sold 16 million albums and is battling with Gwen Stefani for selling the most concert tickets by a woman in any musical genre.

"I'm grateful to the fans that came to the shows," she said.