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"Mark Zuckerberg" being allowed back on Facebook

It took some doing, but the Facebook account of an Indianapolis bankruptcy lawyer is being reactivated.

According to CBS affiliate WISH-TV in Indianapolis, the giant social media website barred the attorney Monday, thinking the name he was giving was phony. Facebook has a policy against using fake names or pages.

The name?

Mark Zuckerberg - the same as that of Facebook's now-billionaire founder - Mark Eric Zuckerberg.

But the Indy Zuckerberg - Mark Steven Zuckerberg -- is the real deal.

He went through a four-month battle to get onto the site before, sending Facebook it his passport, driver's license, bar number and other forms of identification to prove he is who he says he is. He had to send Facebook a threatening letter before it let him on. And things were fine for two years, until he was suddenly barred again on Monday.

Now, the misunderstanding has again been cleared up, Facebook has apologized, and the Indy Zuckerberg will be present on Facebook anew.

He just asks that people remember he's the Zuckerberg with 350 or so friends, not the one with more than 4 million of them.

He told WISH-TV he has "teenage kids. And (Face book is) the only way that you can really see what they are up to and talk to them."

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