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Mansion On Market In L.A. -- For $150M

Recession? What recession?

The largest private home in Los Angeles has a "For Sale" sign in front of it.

If you've got in the neighborhood of the $150 million asking price, you could be the proud owner of the Spelling mansion.

Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman got to see it.

Owned by late TV producer Aaron Spelling and his wife, Candy, the chateau boasts 123 rooms and more than 56,000 square feet.

The ceilings are 30 feet up -- the equivalent of three stories of sheer elegance.

Candy has had the place to herself since her husband died two years ago.

From "Dynasty" to "The Love Boat", Aaron Spelling was one of the most prolific TV producers ever.

This home's library houses every script he ever wrote.

The centerpiece of the home is its theater. Furniture and artwork disguise the room's true function. The screen rises out of the floor, while the paintings slide up to reveal the projectors.

The edifice actually ended up as huge as it is by accident, Candy says.

When Spelling built it for his bride, she didn't have a handle on blueprints. "The truth is," she told Kauffman, "I didn't understand drawings. And when rooms looked small to me, I kept making them bigger and bigger!"

"Did Aaron ever say to you, 'Honey this is getting too big?!" ' Kauffman wondered.

"Yes," Candy replied. "He came in and cut the budget, and we cut a whole wing off the house."

"Oh? It was even bigger than this?!" Kauffman marveled.

"It was even bigger," Candy confirmed.

The house has multiple living rooms, four bars, three kitchens, two pools, and more than a dozen bedrooms.

There's even a bowling alley where countless celebrities have come to relax.

There's also an arcade, a room for gift wrapping and, as for bathrooms -- "either 23 or 26," Candy says.