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Man Who Walked After Spider Bite Arrested

A paraplegic man recently earned headlines for walking for the first time in 20 years, thanks to a dangerous spider bite. But CBS 13 in Sacramento, reports that David Blancarte's mobility has been limited to a jail cell.

Manteca Police arrested Blancarte Friday on an outstanding warrant from a contempt of court charge, stemming from a domestic violence case.

CBS 13 reported last week that a motorcycle accident almost killed Blancarte 21 years ago. Unable to move his legs, Blancarte was using a wheelchair to get around. Two years ago, he was bitten by a brown recluse spider and was hospitalized for and spent 8 months in physical therapy.

In therapy, a nurse noticed a spasm in one of Blancarte's legs and ran a test on him.
"She says,'your nerves are alive. They're just asleep,'" explained David.

Five days later David was walking.

Here's the story of the medical marvel and video.

Local Video from CBS13 in Sacramento

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