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Making the Most of Office

Microsoft's Office is by far the most popular software suite on the market. And its popularity extends beyond the office into the home. But most of us only begin to scratch the surface when it comes to making use of the features of the software. That's where a package called OfficeReady Family Essentials comes in. Canon Software Publishing's Kevin Reilly…

"What Family Essentials is, is a collection of over 400 templates for Word and Excel."
Such as…

"It includes education oriented templates, finance oriented templates, all the way down to tickets and brochures, flyers and posters."
Photo editing and Web site publishing software is included as well along with free space on the Web. On the education front…

"We're talking about anything from a book report, a history report, things for parents to use with their kids…study guides, lesson planners, achievement awards…all kinds of things."
The package is designed for both PCs and Macs and sells for under thirty dollars. You can find more info and a free demo version at

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