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Makeover Maven Is Powerless

Even a power outage didn't stop stylist David Evangelista as he continued a week of Mall Makeovers for The Early Show.

Severe thunderstorms rolled through Memphis, Tenn., early Tuesday morning causing plenty of damage and leaving hundreds of thousands of people without electricity.

But a man on a mission to do a makeover cannot be stopped and Evangelista went to the Wolfchase Galleria Mall and created a new look for Kathy Williams.

The mall was closed, but armed with a flashlight, he and Kathy, made it to the Gould's Styling Salon, which was very dark.

"I'm determined to get this makeover done, I'm determined to get this makeover done," Evangelista joked. He went to the brightest part of the mall - under the sky light - along with Kathy and the salon colorist.

Evangelista cut about four inches of Kathy's hair and while the hair colorist applied the color, the stylist went shopping at Dillards.

There, salespeople suggested a Ralph Lauren outfit, blue jean shirt a white tank and white country-style skirt with a fringe at the bottom. Once he was all set, he went back to Kathy.

"Worst storm in years, the absolute worst, over 80 mile per hour winds, hundreds of thousands without electricity," he told Kathy. "The electricity is right in this chair, it's coming from you, baby! I mean; you're the makeover mama of Memphis."

Transformation complete, Kathy who has a reunion coming up this weekend, could not be happier. "I e-mailed all my classmates," she said, telling them to expect her to look like a different woman.

As for her new look, Evangelista explained, "We just deepened her color. I wanted to keep it natural. She was very earthy. I wanted to keep it genuine about her. I think we did that with the hair and color."

The makeup was very soft; the makeup artist gave Kathy a natural look. Evangelista explained, "We did a really clean lip, just a little gloss."

Next stop is Orlando, Fla. "I am man on a mission to do makeovers. A little power outage will not stop me throughout this country," Evangelista said.