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Mac Disks in PCs

It's almost like a religious war among the more fanatical users of PCs and Macs. The truth is each has its advantages. The problem is if your office or your school or even your home has both kinds of computers, how can you take files from the Mac and use them in a PC. Macs usually have no problem reading PC disks, but the opposite isn't true, unless you use a program called MacDrive 98....

"And the product we've got is very, very simple. What it does is let you take a Macintosh disk, put that into a Windows based PC and use it as if it were a normal PC disk. You can read files and write files, do whatever you do with any normal disk."
Brian Landwehr, CEO of media4.comMedia4 Productions, the creators of MacDrive 98. Using the software doesn't mean you can run Mac programs, but, for instance, if you have Microsoft Word on both the Mac and the PC...

"You can put a Macintosh disk in a PC, double click, for example, your Word document. It'll open right up in Word on a PC, you can edit it, save, it goes right back onto the Mac disk and you take that disk right back to a Macintosh."
It works with Zip disks and CDs and other media as well. The software sells for under 70 dollars. Special pricing is available through education channels for schools and students.

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