Lovin' 'Living Out Loud'

You can laugh out loud...
You can cry out loud...
And now... You can live out loud.

'Living Out Loud' is a new movie, starring Holly Hunter as a forty-something divorced woman looking for love in New York City.

CBS News Entertainment Editor Dennis Cunningham reviews the New Line Cinema movie, opening this weekend:

What a sheer delight it is to experience a movie with a life of its own, a rich, fascinating unpredictable life. Such a film is Living out Loud, written by Richard LaGravenese who's written many a successful movie; but, for the very first time, directed by him, too. This is a story of a privileged 5th Avenue lady, with a large country manor, whose 16-year marriage to an old money cardiologist crumbles when he cheats on her.

The movie is a mix of fact and fantasy, at times, and generally far more creative than the usual. This is a challenge generated by the meeting of Richard LaGravenese, the rookie director, and Richard LaGravenese, the writer. So, the movie needs some serious focusing and cutting. Still, it's a final---I hope very lucky--7. Highly recommended.

Queen Latifah sings classic pop beautifully. Danny DeVito - who's wonderful - co-produced the movie.

Reported by CBS News Entertainment Editor Dennis Cunningham