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Local Hero

Jeff Naece heard news of the Amtrak accident over the radio and immediately ran outside his workplace to see it.

Naece works in the steel mill next to the site of the crash. He was one of the first to arrive at the scene and hasnÂ't left, reports CBS News Correspondent Cynthia Bowers.

"When I got there, it was just something, you know, you would never think youÂ'd ever see. It was an absolute mess," Naece said.

Using his radio, Naece contacted his workplace and told them to call 911.

"ItÂ's really hard. I think about it quite a bit," Naece explained. "ItÂ's just something thatÂ's stuck in the back of my mind. ItÂ's probably going to be stuck back there for a long time."

Naece remains modest, despite people calling him a hero.

Â"I wouldnÂ't call myself a hero. ItÂ's just something that I think if anybody was there in my position, they would have done. I think everybody deserves a lot of credit in this effort," Naece said.