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Nicholas Sparks (pictured above) has every right to look this happy. His first two novels were bestsellers, and as a result, the former pharmaceuticals salesman is now a millionaire. Below are some sites to help you make it, and to give you a better sense of Sparks and the other people featured on this week's 48 Hours.

Message In A Bottle: Time Warner Books has created a page for Nicholas Sparks' book, "Message In A Bottle." Get the background on this novel, which, like "The Notebook," is a sentimental love story, and listen to an audio excerpt, complete with piano music in the background. Robert Dean Waller ain't got nothing on this guy!

Pi, The Movie: Designed by the multi-talented star of the movie, Sean Gullette, this site is labyrinthine and innovative. It is packed with information about everything from the Kabbalah, Go (the enormously popular Chinese board game), migraine headaches, the New York Stock Exchange and, of course, Pi. The site also has clips, excerpts from Darren Aronofsky's diary, and lots of links for more information on many of the topics touched on by the movie.

The Sundance Festival: The '98 Festival, which took place last winter, has an extensive site, with information about every film that was shown, a history of the event, as well as clips from certain movies.

The Sundance Institute: Thinking about entering a film at Sundance? The Institute's site will tell you how to do it. Also here is information about the year-round activities of the group, which include all kinds of film-related workshops and conferences.

Strays: Find out more about Vin Diesel's film from last year's Sundance site. There's also a nice cheesecake photo of Diesel, showing off his well-developed biceps and his smoldering stare.

Black and White and Red All Over: The '97 Sundance site also has a page devoted to Demane Davis' film. : This site, the cyberspace outpost of Filmmaker magazine, has a huge listing of resources for the independent movie creator, whether old pro or wannabe.

Stew Leonard's: Employee-of-the-month Kim Bauer's employer has its own web site. Find out more than you ever wanted to know about the world's largest dairy store. You can also geinformation about the Stew Leonard's customer service seminar: "Learn how we run our operation, how we satisfy our customers, how we select and grow our Team Members, and how we make every day a "WOW!"

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written by David Kohn