Lindsay Lohan's Trip to Jail Is Brought to You by Norton Symantec and Fashion Bay

Last Updated Jul 16, 2010 2:51 PM EDT

Lindsay Lohan is ad-Tweeting her way to jail. Today she endorsed Norton Symantec, which is urging people that Lohan-related links are often malware traps. In public, Lohan appears tearful and distressed over her impending stretch in the Big House. She's fighting to persuade the judge to cancel the sentence in favor of a more lenient diversion. On Twitter, however, she sounds like a cheerful shopaholic who'd fit right in on the Home Shopping Network.

In recent weeks, her tweet stream has become a string of commercial messages from different sponsors. She even endorsed a handbag seller on the day she was sentenced to 90 days in jail. (If only Twitter had been around for the O.J. Simpson murder trial, he never would have run out of money for his defense team.)

Lohan's money problems are well-documented and a Norton representative confirmed to BNET that the company had paid to use her name in this press release.

Normally, companies shy away from celebrities like Lohan, whose substance abuse problems can blow up and attract negative attention at any time. The fact that Lohan can still collect corporate money is yet another indicator that consumers no longer feel companies should be tarred with fallout from endorser scandals. (It's not as if anyone is boycotting Nike over its association with Tiger Woods, for instance.)

Here are Lohan's Twitter ads from July 6, the day she was sentenced, through today. She goes to jail on Tuesday:

  • July 16: RT @Nortononline: Great that @lindsaylohan protects her fans and reminds them not to be fooled! Here's more on (cont) about 12 hours ago via Twitlonger
  • July 16: Today Norton and I warned people about unsafe searches, don't be fooled! - (cont) about 22 hours ago via Twitlonger
  • July 14: This site has fantastic deals on home decor and gifts. Up to 70% off... Join now and RT >> (Ad) 7:30 PM Jul 14th via MyLikes
  • July 14: I love FashionBay! It's such an awesome site and has some really cool designer stuff! Ad 12:22 PM Jul 14th via CelebTweetAds
  • July 13: RT @cjronson: Finally!! RT @iamMarkRonson: Yo Our song is finally out in the U.S.-
  • July 12: Crazy!! Just saw someone win a Gucci bag on FashionBay for like a buck and change!! WOW! Ad
  • July 6: OMG!? An LV bag for $1 at FashionBay! Maybe I can get lucky and win something cool here! Ad 8:58 AM Jul 6th via web