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Lindsay Lohan Dad: She's Turned Life Around

If a new year is a chance for new beginnings, perhaps nobody is looking forward to 2011 more than Lindsay Lohan. The 24-year-old actress could be released from rehab at any moment and has the chance to close the book on what was a stunningly difficult 2010.

CBS News correspondent Priya David Clemens reported that, on New Year's Day, Lindsay Lohan's Twitter account crackled back to life. She tweeted, "Today is the first day of the rest of my life. 'The future depends on what we do in the present.' -- Mahatma Gandhi... One step at a time...."

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Encouraging words, Clemens noted on "The Early Show," but, she added, Gandhi likely never had a year like Lohan's 2010. She was jailed twice, went to rehab twice, and last month, an employee at the Betty Ford Center accused her of assault, a charge that was later recanted.

So is the tumult over? What is Lindsay's condition today?

Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's father, said his daughter is doing "unbelievably."

In an exclusive "Early Show" interview Monday, Michael Lohan said of his daughter, "She's turned this whole situation around to use this to her advantage and to she has taken the right steps and put the right people back in her life that she had at the best part of her life to really use it as a springboard."

Lohan's expected to complete her 90-day treatment this week. But addiction specialist Howard Samuels, chief executive officer of The Hills Treatment Center says Lohan's most difficult work is ahead of her.

"You either change your behavior and your lifestyle, or you're going to end up institutionalized, crazy or dead," he told CBS News.

Samuels says he thinks Lohan should lay low for a while. But, Clemens pointed out, that doesn't seem too likely. Over the weekend, new photos of the starlet, taken in August 2010, emerged. Of the photos, Lindsay Lohan reportedly quipped, "These are for my comeback."

And a new website,, promises to be coming soon -- another indication the troubled actress wants to resurrect her career -- if that's possible.

Ken Baker, senior news correspondent for E!, said, "She's gonna have to prove that she is reliable -- she can't just ride on the coattails of what she did as a teenager."

But can she deliver?

Michael Lohan said it's all going to hinge on whether or not his daughter keeps "the right people" in her life.

He told "Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge, "When you have the wrong people in your life, it seemed -- and she did have the wrong people in her life -- it didn't seem to work. It makes sense to bring the same team at the beginning it would have a profound effect in her life. There are new additions, Lou Taylor and others that are good, new additions helping her out a lot."

However, Lindsay Lohan's father said there's "one imperative, key element that's missing."

He said, "I'll say this now -- I don't want to be held responsible in the future -- if Dina (Lindsay Lohan's mother) and I can't get on the same page and resolve the differences she believes that we have, it's going to be a never-ending battle for Lindsay. She needs that stability in her family. All my kids need it."

Wragge asked, "So why is it so difficult -- when it's really comes down to the best interest of your daughter -- to have you all on the same page?"

Lohan said, "It's a good question, Chris. I'm asking this for a long time and saying it publicly. It's -- I don't know what the issue is. I mean, I'm asking Dina right now, begging her to put our differences aside, to let our children have a good shot at the future and Lindsay have the, you know, close that gap in her life that she was stuffing the wrong things in. I mean, she needs her mom and dad on the same page. They don't need to be involved in the differences. No children do when parents are separated or divorced. It creates a gap they fill with the wrong things."

As for when Lindsay Lohan will leave the Betty Ford Center, Michael Lohan said that's "the question of the hour."

He added, "It's going to be soon. I'm not going to say it's today, but it's a very controlled move. She needs all the right elements in place when she gets out and waiting for that to happen and she's being very patient about it. I'm so proud of where she is now and I don't want that to falter. She's really come full turn."

Wragge asked Michael Lohan, "What do you feel is more important? Getting Lindsay back to work or removing her from a situation and an environment where she really got herself in trouble?"

Michael Lohan responded, "She needs to remove herself and listen to the people that truly care about her that are on her team. She has (a legging line.) She has a beautiful handbag line she just came out with. She has a shoe line to come out with now and doing a website. There's things to do to keep her busy and occupied, part of the structure with working out, going to meetings. And she has, like I said, she's brought back some amazing people into her life that are going to amaze you. You're going to be really surprised at who's back in her life to help her make a difference."