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Lewinsky Set To Take The Stand

Prosecutors are planning to bring their star witness to the grand jury on Thursday, reports CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Scott Pelley.

However, the decision rests largely with Lewinsky herself. Special prsoecutor Ken Starr wants to be sure she is ready and comfortable, so the timing of her long awaited appearance could change suddenly.

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Sources tell CBS News Lewinsky's lawyers have an understanding with prosecutors that the questioning will be as brief as possible. Once source said her appearance will be "concentrated and intense..." and may last only one day.'

Lewinsky has been meeting with prosecutors every day for more than a week. They are working to narrow their questions to the essential points.

Lewinsky is expected to tell the grand jury that:

  • she did have a sexual relationship with the president.
  • they agreed to deny it.
  • and Mr. Clinton suggested she get rid of gifts he sent her that were under subpoena.
Lewinsky is also expected to discount two areas of the investigation. Sources say she will say she wrote the so-called talking points without the help of anyone at the White House. The papers were designed to influence the testimony of her friend Linda Tripp.

Finally, Lewinsky is expected to deny that she was offered jobs in return for her silence.

Also, the FBI has completed a first round of testing in search of DNA evidence on one of Lewinsky's dresses. The results are known to as few as five people and remain a secret. Lewinsky may be recalled to the grand jury after a full range of tests are complete.

A friend close to Lewinsky tells CBS News she says she is nervous about appearing. The source said this is very, very hard for her. The final decision on when to appear will be hers. If she wakes up in the morning and decides she needs more time, prosecutors will reschedule.

As for now, all indications are that tomorrow will be the day the white house has dreaded for six months -- the day Monica Lewinsky takes an oath and flatly contradicts Mr. Clinton's sworn and public statements.

Reported by Scott Pelley
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