Letters, We Get Letters

It's a big country out there. Four e-mails this morning prove it.

First, there was this:

Lookit. I've stayed with you guys through thick and thin, mainly because I've considered CBS News the best news-gathering and news-reporting operation of the Original Big Three. But tonight I did a spit take when Sean Hannity came on to represent "Free Speech." Why don't you guys just go ahead and label that bit "Bloated Celebrity Speak" and get it over with?
Then, another viewer weighed in:
The balance is perfect!!!!! The program is developing a character of its own, which I believe is the goal over the first year. I f you remain unique, balanced and fair in your reporting or coverage, you can't lose.
This viewer thinks we're an adjunct for FOX:
I have been a fan of The CBS Evening News my entire adult life. That is until I see you giving the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity a platform to espouse their hate and bias to a national television audience they don't usually have.
But this viewer thinks, overall, we're on the right track. So to speak:
When I finish watching your news program, I feel encouraged, yet informed. Your program is so creative and interesting...very different from any other news cast. Don't let "the powers that be" try to make you conform to the depressing, boring, traditional news presentation found on NBC and ABC! In this day and age the public needs to know that there are other things going on in the world besides killing, war, dirty politics, etc. By the time you say goodnight , I feel uplifted and more encouraged...ready to face another day! Congratulations Katie...keep up the good work! You're doing a fantastic job!
As you might imagine, we got a lot of reaction to Sean Hannity's appearance last night – mostly negative, accusing us of imbalance.

But interestingly, no one mentioned the fact that tonight's "freeSpeech" will be delivered by liberal blogger Arianna Huffington.

Meantime, if you're curious, you can check out the complete list of "freeSpeech" contributors here.