Letterman Meets The Survivors

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All 16 contestants in Survivor: The Australian Outback appeared Thursday night on the Late Show With David Letterman. They took turns reading the nightly "Top 10 List." Click Here to see the video.

The topic was "Top 10 Survivor Pickup Lines" and the responses were:

  • 10.“That fire I fell into wasn't nearly as hot as you are, baby." (Michael)
  • 9.”If you don't eat for 6 days, I start looking like a young Paul Newman." (Rodger)
  • 8. "Forget the tribe, my pants have spoken." (Mitchell)
  • 7."We'll eat anything." (Kel, Kimmi, Alicia, Debb, Nick, Jeff, Amber)
  • 6."Mad Cow makes you sick, but Mad Dog makes you feel good." ("Mad Dog" Maralyn)
  • 5."Is that an immunity idol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" (Tina)
  • 4."Don't worry. Producers just made me look like a psycho bitch in editing." (Jerri)
  • 3."It wasn't editing." (Keith)
  • 2."If you show me your Ogakor I'll show you my Kucha." (Elisabeth)
  • 1."Ever done it in the back of a Pontiac Aztek?" (Colby)

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