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Lee's Lawsuit Targets U.S.

Alleged spy Wen Ho Lee says he has been the victim of a series of damaging, illegal leaks at the hands of the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Energy Department.

They are, he says, leaks that perpetuated the notion that he spied for China, and ultimately pressured prosecutors to bring criminal charges. The complaint goes on to say the leaks were an attempt to point the finger at Lee and draw attention away from a Congressional report saying security at all of the nation's nuclear weapons labs was in poor shape, and in some cases had been breached.

Lee complained in an exclusive interview that he was being unfairly singled out. "They want to find out some scapegoat," Lee told CBS News' 60 Minutes. "They think I'mÂ… perfect for them to blame me."

Lee was fired from his top-secret job last March, and arrested a week and a half ago, reports CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson. It was the first and only arrest after the discovery of Chinese espionage at the weapons labs.

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Government sources have long insisted that Lee was connected to China's alleged theft of design information for the W-88, America's most advanced nuclear warhead. But prosecutors were not able to get enough evidence to charge him with spying. Instead, he's charged with a series of security violations.

There's no question that private information about Wen Ho Lee was leaked -- such as the fact that he'd been fired from his job, that he was under investigation, and that he failed a polygraph test. But winning the case in court means pinning down who is responsible for those leaks. That may be as difficult as it has been to determine the extent of the espionage itself.

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