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Learn2 Repot A Houseplant

Learn2 Repot A Houseplant

Time To Move On?

You wouldn't enjoy sleeping in a crib, so you can't expect your plants to grow big and beautiful while squatting in pots from their childhood. The restrictions of cramped pot life can dry a plant's roots, sending them down through the bottom of the pot or up to the topsoil, which makes for stunted or choked greenery. There are two solutions to this travesty: the first is repotting, which
involves removing the plant and replacing the potting soil, and the second is potting on,
or moving the plant to a larger pot.

Before You Begin

How many hours do you spend gardening a week?

More than 12
6 - 12
However long it takes to water
Plastic plants are the best kind of garden

Pick a good time of year to do this. The beginning of the growing season is best, since the growing roots will tap the new potting soil.

If possible, work with several plants at a time to consolidate your efforts. Make sure the pots are all clean, and water the plant an hour before to soften the soil. This will prevent spillage and will help the plant to slide out easily. Finally, lay down the newspapers.

Time:15 minutes
What You'll Need:
  • Some potting soil (equivalent to 1/2 the pot volume)
  • Some drainage materials (gravel or sand)
  • Any fertilizers
  • A good-sized serrated knife
  • Some newspapers to cover the floor
  • Optional:

    Gardening gloves

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