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Laura: Throwing Cupid's Arrows

Simon Cowell called her aggressive, ruthless, nasty, and "my kind of girl."

Laura Restum, a 31-year-old Michigan hairstylist, brings hilarious bite to Cowell's new CBS TV show, "Cupid."

So what does she think of that? She tells The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen, "I'm Laura. If they compare me to Simon, honestly, that's fine with me because I have a lot of respect for him. He's honest. He tells it like it is. How many times did you want to say the same thing watching 'American Idol'? Simon is saying it. You're thinking it."

And her sharp-tongued comments are just a mild version of what she really thinks. Laura says, "I have to say honestly, I probably tone it down sometimes."

But it is serious business. She says, "Those guys have 30 seconds to impress Lisa. We're looking for her husband. They come in just like complete idiots. There wasn't any time to sugar coat it."

Cupid's third episode, which aired Wednesday, started in L.A. with the 20 men that Lisa and her friends (Kim and Laura) met during the four-city audition process, and advanced to Wednesday night's round. Lisa eliminated 10 of the 20 men during Wednesday's episode.

One of those eliminated was Paco, whom Laura liked at the beginning. She says, "Paco was adorable. He appealed to all of us. People couldn't understand why. He did have that little skater thing. At the pool party, he revealed a lot about himself. I don't know if it was the drinks, but the immaturity came out. Once we dismissed him, he really went off, which you didn't see. I was really glad that we did make that decision. The real Paco showed through."

But there were other elimination decisions Lisa made that came to Laura as a surprise. Dain was one of them. He was in the first, serious ambitious men group that Lisa took to a karaoke bar to check their ability to get loose and crazy.

"Dain was very attractive. He did make a little bit of an arrogant remark in the end, so then I said, 'Well, maybe she was right on that one,'" Laura says. "He seemed older and had it more together maybe. He was just confident, maybe too confident, I just don't want to see her with these young types all the time."

Another surprise was Darren. Laura says, "I don't think Darren should have left at all." Could it be because there appeared to be sparks between Darren and Laura?

In her defense, Laura says, "I'm looking for Lisa. She's 25. I'm 31. We have different tastes. I'm definitely offering my opinion. With the guys that I help her choose, sure I'm attracted to some of them, but not long-term. I think we're looking for two different things."

Starting next week, Lisa's fate will be in the hands of the viewers. America will vote off one of the remaining 10 bachelors each week until only one remains for Lisa.

So far, Laura says she likes Hank from Chicago.

The men who advanced are Rob, Ken, Dominic, Joe, Hank, Scott S., Paul, Evan, Renda and Robert.