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Last EconSM Update: Bob Dylan and EconSM

This story was written by Elizabeth Osder.

I just came from another pre-conference visit to the Skirball Cultural Center and am thrilled with the venue. Sometimes Los Angeles really surprises me; it's got so many beautiful places and surprising resources. EconSM will be a great conference since we're not going to be stuffed in a hotel ballroom, but in a beautiful outdoor/indoor space nestled in the Santa Monica mountains. I wanted to let folks know that there's a terrific exhibit on Bob Dylan at the center, and encourage you to return on Wednesday to see it, since you won't have time to duck away Tuesday from EconSM's packed schedule, conversations and networking. Meanwhile, to all who registered, see you starting Monday evening...the full ContentNext worldwide team will be there along with the attendees. The full schedule is here.

Pic courtesy: Primer

By Elizabeth Osder

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