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Kuwaiti Women Get Passport Rights (Without Hubby's Consent)

Kuwaiti women were given the right to get a passport without permission from their husband today. While I usually write about domestic travel, I thought this was important to cover, mainly because Kuwait -- compared to its neighboring countries -- is considered progressive on women's rights. There women are allowed to travel, drive, vote and even run for Parliament. The passport law, in effect since 1962, requires a husband's signature on a woman's passport application.

The country's constitutional court agreed with Fatima Al-Baghli, whose complaint said her husband prevented her from leaving the country by hiding her passport and not granting her permission for a new one. Al-Baghli was one of thousands of women who petitioned the courts for passport rights.

I think that we take the ability to travel freely for granted. Only a few thousand miles away, that's not the case. There's no chance for a change of scenery, no way to escape, no way to visit far away family. Now more people can enjoy the same freedoms we do, so we should all be able to celebrate this important victory for human rights.

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