Kristin Scott Thomas On Deep, Dark Secrets

Whether she's in France, England or New York, Oscar-nominated actress Kristin Scott Thomas is one busy and very talented woman.

She is currently starring in the film, "I've Loved You For So Long" as well as "The Seagull" on Broadway.

The English beauty, who lives in France, has mastered French, which has been a huge asset to her successful acting career.

"Yes. I've spoken French all of my adult life. I live in Paris and I have a kind of double life because I have a French film career, as well as English language film career," she told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez .

Scott Thomas, who is known for her roles in "English Patient" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral," moved to Paris when she was 19 to work as a nanny.

"That's right. I ended up as an actress. I don't know what I did," she said.

Rodriguez admitted that she wouldn't have allowed her husband to hire a nanny as "hot" as her.

"I think if you had seen me at the time, at 19, you probably would have felt safe hiring me," she admitted.

By moving to France, Scott Thomas eventually found her film career.

In "I've Loved You For So Long," Scott Thomas plays a woman with a deep, dark secret.

Scott Thomas said that she was attracted to the part because it was a dark role.

"I think playing somebody with a secret is all very exciting because as an actress, you have to learn how much to keep and this family secrets is all something that have interested me. How can a whole family evolve with this sort of big elephant in the room like that? I find that very interesting."

Scott Thomas was also looking forward to exploring the theme of abandonment and although it's a "pretty miserable" topic to explore, she admitted, there is something compelling about it.

"For an actress, it's a certain interesting theme to explore the solitude, abandonment, reuniting with family, the links of blood. When you find your sister after 15 years, you haven't seen your sister for 15 years, what happens? So those are all of the things I was eager to explore," she said.

"It's a film that has a very dark current running through it, but it's certainly, at the end, you come out pretty much shaken up. But there's a kind of glow inside you. You feel warmed by it," she said.

Living in New York has been an adjustment for Scott Thomas, who needs to be close by to perform on Broadway.

"Well, there's one major difference about living in France and living in New York. It's the noise. I find it incredibly noisy living in New York. I keep trying to open windows and I have to close them again," she said. "But, I love it. We're being so blessed with the weather. I love this autumnal, what do you call it, fall?"

Noise aside, there's just something special about the city and the New Yorkers who come to see her work.

"The weather and bright skies and Christmas in the air and playing on Broadway is just something quite stupendous. New York audiences are wonderful," she said.