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In two years, today's high school sophomores will graduate: they are the Class of 2000. Who are these young people? What are their hopes and dreams? What obstacles have they overcome? And what will the world they inherit look like?, in conjunction with CBS News 48 Hours, tries to shed some light on these difficult questions by visiting the lives of five American teenagers, all following very different paths to adulthood. We'll also examine a few of the stranger forms the technology of the future could take.

Dare To Dream: CBS News 48 Hours introduces you to five singular American teenagers. What you see will surprise you. For more fascinating teens, check out CBS News Sunday Morning, which this weekend will also focus on the Class of 2000.

The Web has a wealth of resources relevant to many of the topics covered on this week's show. We've compiled a list of the most useful, compelling sites.
A Closer Look: The Future of Music: What will music sound like in the next century? talks to Tod Machover, an MIT professor who creates hyperinstruments, devices that are allowing anyone to create their own symphony simply by swinging their arms. Is it the end of the virtuoso? Or the beginning of a true democracy of sound?

CBS News Sexual Harassment Poll: This week on 48 Hours, you'll meet 16-year-old Eve Bruneau. When she was allegedly taunted and teased at school, Eve and her parents sued the school district for sexual harassment. CBS News commissioned an exclusive poll on the subject. Find out what Americans think about sexual harassment on the job, and in the classroom.

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