Kidnapping survivor talks child safety tactics

Young Elementary Schoolboy walking up to school carrying backpack and brown bag for lunch or show/tell.
Schoolboy walking up to school

The idea of sending your kids out into the big world -- of school -- is often a daunting prospect for parents -- especially those with children starting preschool or kindergarten.

Imagining them out of your sight for the first time -- or again after a summer at your side -- can be scary, indeed.

However, you can prepare your kids for the larger world by teaching them what kind of behavior is safe and OK -- and what is not. "Eye on Parenting" recently sat down with child safety advocate George Molho to discuss ways parents can equip their kids for dealing with threatening situations.

Molho is the author of "Scarred," a memoir about his abduction by his father when he was 7 and yearlong torture before he escaped. Molho says he wants to teach parents how to teach their kids to be survivors.

So seize the back-to-school moment. Click on the video below. You might be surprised by what you didn't know. We were.