Kevin Smith on memoir expletives, candid content

Kevin Smith on "CBS This Morning."
Kevin Smith on "CBS This Morning."

Kevin Smith made his mark with slacker movies like "Clerks" and "Mallrats." He's also written a New York Times best-seller called "My Boring-A** Life."

Now, Smith, a director, actor, podcaster and writer, has a new memoir: "Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good."

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Much of the text of the book has colorful language, but that didn't stop "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King from doing a dramatic reading of the book in the Green Room during broadcast breaks.

Smith said on-air, "It's very nerve-racking to come on live on national television. Of course, I just got off the plane, my pulse was running. I'm standing backstage and between one of the breaks Gayle comes back. She literally read my book out loud and not just my book, but the filthiest passages of my book and my heart skipped a beat because I was like, 'Why didn't we get (Gayle) to read this book it would have been amazing."

In addition to expletives, the book includes very candid details about Smith's love life with his wife.

"I put it all out there," Smith said.

When asked about whether he considers the book's detail to be pornographic, Smith said, "Those are the things we do together. It feels weird like, so many people spin and sell in this world and put gloss on something. To just step out a little bit, all you have to do is be candid. All you have to do is be like, 'These are the things I do,' and people go, 'I do those things as well,' and suddenly, boom, (people relate)."

For more with Smith on his book's risque dedication page and his father's influence on his laid-back lifestyle, watch the video in the player above.