@katiecouric - Recapping Year One


On this week's episode of @katiecouric, we took a look back at the first year of Katie's Web show. Armed with questions from Twitter and Facebook, CBS News producer Tony Maciulis was the one asking Katie the questions. 

Click here if you ever wanted to see a year's worth of @katiecouric in 120 seconds. 

Interested in Katie's answer as to why she got into journalism?  Katie spoke about the responsibility of journalists to "shine a light in dark places," and to "expose wrongdoing."

Katie's on Facebook, Twitter, and she's even got a Web show - so how and how did Katie get into social media?

Arianna Huffington Tweeted a question to Katie about anger and the Tea Party. Click here for Katie's response.

And if you were wondering what Katie's most embarrassing moment was on TV - we've got that too.