Katie Couric's Notebook: Undecided?

The pundits are spinning like whirling dervishes today to declare their candidate the winner of last night's debate. But no matter who won, the clear losers are the undecided voters.

A CBS News poll found that 72 percent of them still feel the same way today – unsure. Part of the reason may be found in another poll number. Fifty-seven percent said neither candidate did a good job of answering the questions.

Based on the thousands of e-mails to our Webcast last night, the economy is Topic A at the kitchen table. Ellen from Mississippi wrote, "Without the slinging of mud and this one said this and did that, what are you going to do for Americans who work hard for a future that is not too promising?"

401Ks have lost $2 trillion in the past 15 months. The financial mess is already a Main Street problem, but Americans are still just hearing a lot of K Street spin. To the uncommitted voters, here's hoping the third time's a charm – that you'll hear real solutions at the next debate next Wednesday.