Katie Couric's Notebook: Susan Boyle

She dreamed a dream, and now it appears to be coming true.

Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle...whose trials and tribulations were international tabloid fodder last season...is back for a second act.

She's releasing a brand new album of covers...including the Les Miz tune that put her on the map...and a somber rendition of Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones.

While she may not seem to be the type of performer whose albums would sell like hotcakes...they are, according to Amazon. The website says they've had more pre-order sales for her new CD than any other in its 14 year history.

Despite a rocky end on a reality show, Susan Boyle will likely have the recording career she wanted for so long.

She once said her overnight success was like a demolition ball that hit her hard and unexpectedly.

Hopefully the year was spent not just preparing outside for the photo-ops...but also for the inside, and all the pressure that brings.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.